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EAC Adopts Harmonised Food Criteria

Harmonised criteria for the registration and certification of pre-packaged food adopted by East African Standards Committee The food trade across border in the East African Community is particularly hampered by non-tariff barriers (NTBs). Each of the six EAC Partner States have different regulations...

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Expanding Our Reach Through Social Media

EU-EAC MARKUP has been on Twitter under the tag @EACMARKUP for some time now and is constantly growing its audience. The number of follower currently stands at 567, and it is growing by about 50 new followers monthly on average. Tweet Activity August to October 2020    The new Facebook...

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New on the Quality for Trade Platform

The second module of the EAC Quality for Trade Portal was launched in June during the first regional virtual meeting for all EAC Quality Champions (QCs). Participants from companies in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda attended this meeting. Quality Connect (

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Harmonised Standards for Cocoa Products in EAC

Harmonised standards for products across EAC create consistency of laws, regulations and practices. They protect consumer health and facilitate the movement of products from one country to another. The East Africa Standards Committee, through its subcommittees and technical committees, takes the lead...

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Opportunity for Spices Exporters in Tanzania

The International Trade Centre is implementing the “Market Access Upgrade Programme” (MARKUP), which aims to contribute to the economic development of the East African Community partner countries by improving their market access to the European Union (EU) and the East African region. Financed by the...

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Coffee Trading and Risk Management

Since 2019, International Trade Centre via MARKUP together with the Africa Coffee Academy (ACA) has been delivering training courses on "Coffee Trading and Risk Management for SMEs". The training and coaching is currently being rolled out. National coffee stakeholders were engaged in preliminary sessions...

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Moisture Meters for better Standards

MARKUP, through the International Trade Centre (ITC), distributed moisture meters to coffee companies in Kenya at the offices of agribusiness service provider Coffee Management Services (CMS) on 30 September 2020. The distribution was officiated by the Director General Agriculture&Food Authority...

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Swahili Translation of IFA Standard

The checklist for the GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard v5.2 has now been translated into Swahili, marking a  milestone in standards developments in East Africa. The translation was funded by the European Union via the Market Access Upgrade Programme (MARKUP), implemented...

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Celebrating the coffee ecosystem

MARKUP Panel Discussion live on Facebook On International Coffee Day 2020, MARKUP took up the challenge that the entire coffee sector is facing due the COVID19 pandemic. In an online panel discussion, organised by MARKUP implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC) on "Working together...

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International Coffee Day 2020

Thursday 1st October is International Coffee Day! At MARKUP we celebrate the small-scale farmers, processors, roasters and exporters that make our daily cup of coffee possible. MARKUP supports East African SMEs in the coffee sector in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda to become more competitive...

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Entering New Markets in the Tea Business

Having a strong marketing strategy is fundamental for a business to thrive. A company’s marketing and branding efforts are the key for making a good first impression with buyers and potential clients. MARKUP supported small and medium sized tea producers from Kenya and Tanzania to upgrade their marketing...

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Brand your Coffee!

Marketing specialty coffees and understanding what coffee consumers around the world are looking for, can be challenging. Produced for MARKUP via the International Trade Centre, this video introduces coffee exporters from the East African Community (EAC) to the profile of potential buyers of East...

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