A sound and practical basis for measuring progress: the MARKUP Monitoring and Evaluation System

It was not an easy task, as MARKUP is a complex undertaking working on the regional level (‘EAC Window’) as well as on the national level (‘Partner States Window’) and involving a multitude of stakeholders, partners and implementing agencies. The focus of activities and commodities also varies considerably from country to country. The MMES system is anchored on the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (MEF).
MEF for MARKUP covers the project period from 2018 to 2022. It was agreed by all partners and stakeholders and structures the tasks in a logical and coherent manner. It describes critical elements, approaches and systems that are needed to assess and measure progress, results and impact. The MEF describes impact pathways, data and information needed, data sources, data and information collection tools and systems, activities, timing, frequency, management processes, dissemination and use of data and information flows.
MARKUP logframes for both the EAC and Partner States Windows are a key pillar of the M&E process. The MARKUP Monitoring and Evaluation System (MMES) is the tool that provides a sound and practical basis to efficiently implement M&E that is based on the logframes. Further, it assists with making the M&E process controllable and manageable.

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