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Managing Risk and Negotiating Contracts to Increase Cocoa Exports in Uganda

Uganda is placing its bet on cocoa to increase exports of agricultural products. Managed by the Ugandan Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), cocoa is a product with huge export potential. Low supply and high demand, make it a precious good in global markets and cocoa prices have been on the rise.

Nevertheless, Ugandan cocoa producers and processors still need to strengthen their knowledge on product quality and processes, if they want to enter more markets and place their produce. To achieve this, MARKUP has been tasked to increase firm-level competitiveness. The International Trade Centre organised an online training on trade and shipping contracts, with a focus on terms and conditions for business relations, logistics and shipment standards and price and risk management.

Held in October, representatives of cocoa cooperatives, small business and UCDA participated in the sessions, participants agreed that the training was relevant to their needs and will help traders access relevant and reliable information.