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Capacity building on ITC Market Analysis Tools

Expanding the reach of ITC trade intelligence tools by local certified trainers

A webinar was held to re-engage the network of certified trainers including trade experts, market specialists and academia in Tanzania on 19 March 2024.

In the run-up to the session, an online survey was also conducted to gauge the level of interest in the ongoing activities and in future collaboration to accelerate the multiplier effect in Tanzania. 83% of the trainers who responded to the survey stated that they have delivered at least one training on ITC Market Analysis Tools since their certification in 2019.

Participants in the session automatically became eligible to join the second training and subsequent certification programme on Market Access and Non-Tariff Measures.

Building upon the achievements of the first phase of EU-EAC MARKUP in Tanzania, the second phase is now extending capacity building on market analysis and trade-related information to other EAC partner countries.

The strategy is not only to reinforce the capacity of trade advisors and trade experts to conduct data-driven market research, but also to establish a network of certified trainers in each partner country. Such a network will be instrumental in bringing about valuable autonomy in trade advocacy and in export development. It will be apt to deliver training that benefits all stakeholders for years to come.

Watch the following video to catch up on what was achieved in Phase I