Sharing is caring: Quality Champions building a support community

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Quality Champions, whose activities are implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC), were not left alone during the Pandemic. At the end of April, MARKUP’s support team inaugurated zoom group sessions for Quality Champions in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda with their respective national coordinators and the support team. Interactions with peers and sharing common issues reinforced the QC community and their bond. 

Together, they shared not only challenges, but also best practices and tips on effective and efficient remote work. In Uganda, QCs successfully conducted diagnostic assessments remotely, and offered their peers concrete examples of digital solutions. As of May, Ugandan QCs will meet twice a month to discuss their progress and address any emerging issues. In Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania, group meetings will be held on a monthly basis. QCs that are facing additional issues will benefit from bilateral meetings with the support team.

Ephrance Tumuboine is a Quality Champion from Uganda. "I conducted Virtual coaching in quality improvement for Banyakinkizi Cooperative Society Ltd to build the capacity of the members to plan and act independently. The company has now defined the vision and mission and formulated their own business plan. The next steps is to refine their business plan and embark on data collection."

Rogers Siima had interesting experience from the virtual training: "Remote meeting is a great adventure and experience that calls not only for patience but also being articulate on the subject matter. It is a skill that has to be developed and shall continue to take centre stage in the coming years. Getting a 100% attention with minimal distraction and overcoming poor and expensive data connectivity remains a challenge in Uganda. As a Quality Champion this called for both commitment and thorough synthesizing of the subject matter in discussion."


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