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MARKUP at a Glance

We are happy to share a new summary publication with highlights of what MARKUP has achieved.  When the MARKUP PCU team met for the first time on 1st October 2018, it was clear that success would depend on all stakeholders doing their part and pulling together.

Nearly four years down the road, we have not only set up operational systems, but have also collectively achieved over 80% of the intended results - and this despite two years of operations hampered by the pandemic. Today we are glad to give you a snapshot of where we are and to bring you headlines of some of the activities we have implemented over the last year or so. MARKUP Implementing Partners have successfully delivered training, networking events, innovative approaches to addressing persistent challenges such as access to finance and compliance to international standards.  We have together worked towards bringing women and youth into MARKUP activities, and therefore take advantage of International Women’s Day to remind ourselves of what it means for our sisters in MAKRUP. As MARKUP continues to cover ground, we took the opportunity of the relaxed COVID-19 measures to interact with beneficiaries in the five Partner States and to jointly reflect on challenges and lessons to carry forward.

You will find all this in ‘MARKUP at a Glance’ and much more on our website - 

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