EU-EAC MARKUP Releases Videos on Achievements and Results

As MARKUP’s project period is nearing its end, the Programme Coordination Unit commissioned the production of two longer and five short videos showcasing what SMEs, leaders of the EAC Secretariat, trade and investment support institutions as well as policy makers from the Partner States involved have gained from the Programme. The videos are available from the MARKUP web site and Social Media platforms; they are shown at events and trainings and aim to inform wider audiences what MARKUP has achieved. 

MARKUP has improved skills and knowledge among Government and private sector actors in many areas such as product standards and quality requirements, advocacy, access to finance, improvement of quality management and better agricultural practices. It has linked SMEs to new sources of finance, enabled them to access new regional and international markets and facilitated investment in the region.

The MARKUP video documentaries capture key results, activities, successes and challenges as well as possible future directions, focusing on the impact of MARKUP, highlighting successes and featuring stories of how the support changed the lives of beneficiaries. 

They also document what SMEs, executives of the EAC Secretariat, Trade and Investment Support Institutions as well as policy makers from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda have gained from MARKUP.  

Overview of EU-EAC MARKUP videos:

  • Who is Involved in EU-EAC MARKUP – introducing all players and stakeholders
  • EU-EAC MARKUP: From Idea to Impact – explaining the basics
  • EU-EAC MARKUP – Boosting the Tea Sector
  • EU-EAC MARKUP – Boosting the Coffee Sector
  • EU-EAC MARKUP – Boosting the Spices Sector
  • EU-EAC MARKUP – Boosting the Cocoa Sector
  • EU-EAC MARKUP – Boosting the Horticulture Sector

All videos are available from the EAC MARKUP web site:

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