Coffee Trading and Risk Management

Since 2019, International Trade Centre via MARKUP together with the Africa Coffee Academy (ACA) has been delivering training courses on "Coffee Trading and Risk Management for SMEs". The training and coaching is currently being rolled out. National coffee stakeholders were engaged in preliminary sessions to tailor the curriculum of the training according to the needs of the individual countries.

MARKUP training on coffee trading and risk management has been delivered by ACA in Uganda, where it raised awareness about the importance of developing managerial skills specific to the coffee sector.

"The training led to the appreciation of the unique knowledge and characteristic of the coffee sector. To thrive in the coffee business, one must truly understand it," said Mr Robert Mugenyi Musenze, Executive Director of ACA.

ACA delivered the training on coffee trading and price risk management to some cooperatives and to Uganda Coffee Development Authority’s (UCDA) staff. The African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA) also shared its interest in adopting the curriculum at the AFCA Coffee Institute.

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