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Cutting-edge trainings for coffee stakeholders are organised across the region

International Trade Centre continues its collaboration with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) to deliver training on coffee sensory, green and roasting skills to SMEs and other coffee stakeholders, operating in East Africa’s coffee industry. SCA trainings offer the most cutting-edge information on specialty coffee and are accredited programmes, recognised and highly regarded by industry leaders and the global coffee community. 

In October, 20 Kenyan coffee professionals joined the intermediate training on sensory skills and green coffee. After four days of training, all participants successfully passed the final test and were awarded the intermediate certificate.

The objective of the training is to build sustainable skills in assessing and managing coffee’s quality.

The Green Coffee module

The highlight of the training is the Green Coffee module that builds on the core skills needed by professionals working with green coffee on a daily basis. It focuses on principles of coffee growing and processing, green coffee grading as well as management of green coffee portfolios and coffee contracts.

The Sensory Skills module

This module imparts the essentials of sensory evaluation in an interactive manner. It helps investigate how coffee is perceived, how its taste can be rated through different senses and how to apply this knowledge when evaluating coffee’s natural characteristics. It also offers an insight on using this knowledge when doing business.