A higher quality tea from Burundi: Training on Good Manufacturing Practices for staff from OTB and Prothem

From 10 to 14 May 2021, International Trade Centre (ITC) under the MARKUP programme organised a training workshop on Good Manufacturing Practices for the five Office du Thé du Burundi (OTB) factories managers, their tea makers, and their staff in charge of quality as well as three staff from Prothem in charge of Industrial Department, quality management and the Sales manager. The training had two stages: theoretical training and a field visit to the Teza factory. The training and advisory support was provided by an International Consultant and tea Expert.
The objectives of this training were to:

  • Discuss practices, procedures, quality assurance, challenges and opportunities in the tea processing process in tea factories,
  • Share knowledge and experiences on tea processing, tea marketing and sustainable tea business practices,
  • Interact and network with the tea maker team.

The training focused on:

  • Green leaf agronomy: plucking and post-plucking practices that impact on made tea quality, transport to factory and intake;
  • Tea processing: Withering and Maceration and Cutting; Fermentation and Drying; Support Services; Power, Boilers, Machinery Maintenance, Cleanliness & Hygiene;
  • Orthodox and Speciality Tea manufacture;
  • Tea marketing; and
  • Sustainability in tea production and processing.

As testified by the Officer in charge of quality and certification at OTB during the interview with Agence des Publications Burundaises (ABP info), this assistance would contribute to Burundi producing an improved quality tea, which responds to consumers’ requirements. The MARKUP programme assistance is therefore helping to upgrade Burundi’s tea.

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