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EU Market Requirements and Opportunities for Tanzanian Exporters

The International Trade Centre organised a four-day webinar series that addressed the requirements, opportunities and sustainability trends for SMEs to access the European market. The webinar series was organised for Tanzanian SMEs active in the avocado, coffee, spices and tea sectors from 8th – 11th February 2021.

Over the four days, entrepreneurs as well as representatives of the public and private sectors learnt more about current requirements and future growth prospects in their respective supply chains, including channels for opportunities and accessible niches in the market. Sustainability standards and requirements were extensively discussed, and participants learnt to use the ITC Sustainability Map for accessing additional information on the matter.

The goal of the trainings was to build the knowledge of the exporters on how to penetrate the EU market and increase their chances to successfully export to target countries in the EU. The most popular webinars were those focusing on avocado and spices, which bear a lot of potential for Tanzania’s exports.