• Implementing Agency:
  • Priority Sectors:
    Coffee, tea, selected horticultural products
  • Start date:
    November 2018
  • Duration:
    48 months
  • Budget:
    EUR 3.68 million
  • Expected results:
    • 1. National Quality Infrastructure framework, inspection and certification services strengthened
    • 2. Laboratory testing capacities for coffee/tea improved
    • 3. Quality related extension services strengthened
  • Target groups/Direct beneficiaries:

    Direct Beneficiaries

    • - Burundi Bureau of Standards and Quality Control (BBN)
    • - Regulatory Authority of the Burundi Coffee Sector (ARFIC)
    • Office de Développement du Café (ODECA)
    • - Burundi Tea Office (OTB)
    • - Centre National de Technologie Alimentaire (CNTA)
    • - InterCafe Burundi
    • - Direction de Protection Vegetale (DPV)
    • - SMEs in coffee, tea and horticulture sectors

    Other Beneficiaries and Partners:
    Ministry of Finances, Budget and Economic planning , Ministry of Trade, Transport, Industry and Tourism, Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, Ministry of EAC Affairs, Youth, Sport and Culture, Burundi Bureau of Standards and Quality Control (BBN), Office for Coffee Development (ODECA), Burundi Tea Office (OTB), National Food Technology Centre (CNTA), Institute for Agricultural Science of Burundi (ISABU), Department of Plant Protection of Burundi (DPV), InterCafé Burundi and Prothem.

    Final beneficiaries:
    Persons employed in export-related businesses in the coffee and tea value chains and other horticulture value chains

  • Achievements:
    • 42% of targeted stakeholders trained on the National Quality Policy
    • 30% of targeted stakeholders trained and sensitised on quality
    • 33% of certification and inspection bodies strengthened
    • All targeted enterprises supported for certification on management system and product certification
    • 25% of targeted laboratories (inclduing cupping labs and labs used for horticulture anaylsis) equipped and trained
    • 50% of study tours realised.
  • National Focal Point:

    Mr. Dieudonné Ndayisenga
    Ministère des Finances, du Budget et de la Planification Economique

  • ITC Contact:
    Ms Rebecca Nindorera
    UNDP Office; Bujumbura, Burundi.

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